Dorsal Column Stimulation

Many analgesic drugs, physiotherapy methods or nerve blocks are used to treat the pain experienced. Dorsal column stimulation is also one of the pain treatment methods. With this method, pain is tried to be controlled by injecting low voltage electrical current into the spinal cord. An electrode placed in the epidural area within the spinal cord stimulates this area with continuous electrical currents, either externally or with the help of a source placed under the skin. Dorsal column stimulation, which has been proposed as an effective treatment method for patients experiencing chronic pain, has been suggested as a result of many treatment methods being ineffective.

Dorsal colon stimulation is performed under the guidance of fluoroscopy by positioning the patient appropriately. After the appropriate location is determined, a catheter is inserted into the spinal canal with a needle. Different stimulation thresholds are tested and electrode placement is made to cover the painful area of the patient. This electrode is then placed and monitored for 1 month, and as a result of the positive responses received, the procedure is made permanent.

First of all, the patient must have constant and very severe pain. The patient who cannot respond to other treatment methods is also evaluated psychiatrically. Dorsal column stimulation can also be tried in patients who respond positively to TENS applications.