Trigger Point Injections​

Trigger point disorder is a disease related to muscle tissue and is characterized by the formation of fibrotic tissue as a result of the deterioration of the muscle structure. This fibrotic tissue formation process occurs as a result of minor muscle damage that develops slowly or occurs suddenly. In this way, the goose will be in a constantly contracted state and a trigger point will be formed in that area. Trigger point formation is caused by stress, lumbar and neck hernias, and various traumatic situations. As a result of the hernia, there will be pressure on the nerve root, and the pressure will constantly cause pain in the nerve. The most important feature of pain occurring at trigger points is that it is chronic.

The purpose of trigger point injection is to completely or partially eliminate the pain occurring there by injecting various local anesthetic substances into the trigger point.

Pains, popularly known as lunch
Myofascial pain syndrome
Muscle pain as a result of trauma
When hernia pain does not respond to other conservative treatments, it is tried to be controlled with the trigger point injection method.
The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure and the primary aim is to minimize the pain characteristics of the trigger points that cause spasm.